Professional precision measurement for precise parts, completed by our team of expert metrology engineers utilising the impressive suite of market leading equipment from OGP.

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Our Multi-sensor Approach

Collecting large amounts of data based on image contrast and edge detection. Multiple small parts can be identified and measured simultaneously in one field of view. 


Built specifically for precision video metrology. It provides a phenomenally clear high contrast image with virtually zero distortion, with illumination that matches the aperture of the optics over its entire range. 

TeleStar® zoom optics 


Providing accurate measurement for part features that are inaccessible by other measurement methods, such as tactile probes.

With an optimal stylus and tip combination, touch trigger probes can register measurement data points with as little as 0.08N of trigger force. 


Faraday House, Woodyard Ln, Foston DE65 5BU 

“We have to demonstrate the repeatability of the equipment that we use to the automotive customers and with OGP we get that repeatability. In the last year we haven’t seen any measurement errors.”

– Theo Speller, Cirteq