• Government Bounce Back Scheme


    In line with the Government Bounce Back scheme OGP UK are committed to doing everything we can to help support UK manufacturing.

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    Trade-in your old measurement system and save up to £20,000 on a new OGP multi-sensor measurement machine. Whether you’ve got an outdated CMM or shadowgraph, there’s never been a better time to invest.

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  • Fusion

    The Fusion is OGP’s most advanced, versatile and capable multi-sensor metrology system ever when it comes to the accurate, non-contact measurement of even the most complex parts.

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  • Real-time Quality Control a ‘Game-Changer’ For Aerospace Component Specialist

    See how Winbro achieved fewer rejects, minimal rework and faster product-to-market times.

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  • Discover the most comprehensive metrology package on the market with ZONE3

    As a next-generation metrology software, for use in conjunction with our SmartScope multi-sensor metrology systems, ZONE3 offers full 3D CAD-based programming in a multi-sensor measurement environment. 

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One System, One Solution - For All Of Your Metrology Needs

OGP advanced multi-sensor measurement equipment meet all of your metrology requirements in one solution. A single OGP SmartScope®system uses multiple sensors and probes to complete the work of several machines, offering an improved speed of complex component inspection in one swift routine.

Our non-contact measurement systems measure every feature faster than conventional methods, eliminating human error and providing accurate repeatable data collection whilst improving flexibility in your measurement processes.

As the UK representative of OGP in the UK, we not only supply CMM measuring equipment nationwide but also deliver uncompromising excellence in service and support to all of our customers.

OGP UK has a dedicated team of highly-trained industry experts on hand to support you, with ISO9001:2015 accreditation, our service and applications engineers deliver the highest standards of service and support to meet the needs of our customers. Offering machine installation and training as well as software training, support and service packages to enable you to maximise your inspection throughput.

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View our range of advanced, non-contact OGP SmartScope® Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) that use multiple sensors to collect accurate and repeatable data for all of your metrology needs.


Improve your inspection process further. With our advanced software, your co-ordinate measuring machine’s data can be translated into intuitive information, providing a well-informed insight into your manufacturing processes.

Leasing Options

Get the latest OGP metrology solution at a price you can afford. Take a look at our range of flexible leasing and financing options.


Whether you're a beginner looking to get to grips with your software or an existing user looking to refresh your knowledge, our two-day training course is the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and get the most from your machine.

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How uPVC specialists Liniar are taking in-house #3DPrinting to the next level - for design, fabrication and testing:
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Trade-in your old machine and discover a more #efficient way of #measuring components- with our machines you will be able to measure your parts fast, precisely and with ease, ensuring your measurement and inspection processes are efficient.Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2DwToXb

One System, One Solution – For All Of Your Metrology Needs
OGP advanced multi-sensor measurement equipment meet all of your metrology requirements in one solution.
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Do you have an important technical query? Are you looking for a solution for your application? Get in touch with the experts at OGP and get all your questions answered: https://bit.ly/2Z9EQoR #OGP #metrology #manufacturing #qualitycontrol

Our #multisensor measurement systems aren't just limited to non-contact. We've got a range of hardware upgrades to equip you with the capabilities of an entire #metrology department in a single machine. Discover our probe upgrades: https://bit.ly/32U9x3P

SmartScope multisensor measurement systems offer vision, laser, touch, and optical sensors, and rotary support to do complete dimensional inspection and verification in a single setup. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more: https://bit.ly/2V45UDu
#OGP #metrology

OGP SNAP measurement systems are designed to measure small, intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor. All SNAP systems are simple to use. Get in touch with a member of our team for more information about the range: https://bit.ly/3hs2N0Z #metrology #qualitycontrol


The SmartScope® CNC 500 offers all the great Flash features and performance in a large travel bridge-design system. This design assures rapid, smooth part translation and robust measurement performance. Learn more about the machine here: https://bit.ly/3fmSGde #OGP #Metrology

ZONE3 Offline allows you to create and edit routines using all sensors including video, laser and tactile. Features like simulated video images and named lighting provide for an easy transition to the measurement system. More info here: https://bit.ly/2zN17Pa #OGP #Metrology

Are you ready for the shift to Windows 10? Windows 10, as Microsoft’s very latest operating system, is the recommended upgrade, as it receives automatic updates that help to protect you (and your files) from disaster. More info here: https://bit.ly/2ZOXIdd
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