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At OGP UK we understand the limitations of traditional co-ordinate measurement machines and how their performance restricts your capabilities. We know you struggle with measurement throughput, we know you struggle with data collection and real time information. Our systems have been specifically designed to target and overcome these problems.

We will show you a new and efficient way of measuring components- with our machines you will be able to measure your parts fast, precisely and with ease, ensuring your measurement and inspection processes are efficient, benefitting your business with immediate and visible results.

Our tour bus allows us to bring our multi-sensor metrology equipment to your site, with no obligations on your part. Alternatively, you can come to us, either way, we will perform precision measurement of your parts and show you exactly why our advanced metrology machines are leading the way forward for manufacturers across the UK. 

OGP UK’s vast offering aims to provide manufacturers like you with the right inspection solution, no matter the measurement need. That is why our machines have multiple sensor capability, allowing for data point collection of any part feature.


Data collection inefficient?

CMM restricting your measurement capabilities?

Measurement too slow?

Higher part complexity proving difficult to measure?

Plagued by inaccuracies?


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