Component precision within the automotive industry is imperative and so as quality standards rapidly rise so too does the need for equipment that allows our customers to verify component accuracy as well as increase throughput.

Some of the biggest names in automotive have chosen OGP UK’s advanced solutions because our machines are accurate, fast, repeatable and most importantly reliable. Our multi-sensor measurement equipment provide optimal results, increasing throughput and proving a fast ROI for automotive businesses.

Reliability, fuel economy and cost reduction continually drive automotive component manufacturers to innovate in design, materials and manufacturing processes. OGP UK multi-sensor measurement systems offer the CAD integration, throughput and shop floor reliability to enable rapid innovation year after year.

To ensure automotive components remain within the required exacting tolerances we offer the most advanced multi-sensor metrology technology. OGP UK machines give you the capability to measure all features of a part through a variety of probes and sensors as well as the ability to integrate new sensors now or in the future, meaning your automotive component measurement is adaptable to allow room for your business growth.

With this technology you will be able to measure a wide range of parts for automotive component verification, from the smallest connectors, clips and clamps to engine parts, OGP UK’s vast range of machines can measure it.

By ensuring the integrity of your quality control processes for a wide range of car parts and abiding to the stringent quality specifications of your customers, OGP multi-sensor metrology systems offer the precision required for automotive manufacturing of critical components with a significant improvement in speed and machines to suit a variety of quality needs.

Due to tight tolerances on feature size, position and form in many cases our machines measure features that cannot be carried out using conventional and traditional means of inspection- our multi-sensor metrology solutions empower manufacturers of all industries in providing thorough measurement as efficiently as possible. Read our Automotive Case Studies to see how our advanced metrology systems have improved businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Read our Automotive Case Studies to see how our advanced metrology systems have improved businesses in the UK and Ireland.