Being at the forefront of technological innovation requires the latest and most advanced equipment, that’s where OGP UK comes in. In order for Educational institutes and departments to offer students a fighting chance for employment opportunities in the ever-advancing world of technology we need to offer the latest technology.

With the demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)- educated positions predicted to rise by 10-15% worldwide within the next two years, it’s crucial to give the engineers of our future the tools to build their knowledge and develop the initial skills needed for a future career in the STEM education sectors.

OGP multi-sensor measurement solutions will make an excellent addition to your measurement portfolio, offering the ability to adapt your machine with multi-sensor capabilities to suit your present and future measurement requirements. With the help of our UK team, OGP multi-sensor metrology systems have been responsible for many new hardware, process, standards and calibration innovations across many educational establishments in the UK and Ireland during recent years.

Investing in advanced metrology to use as either part of your learning programme or to add to existing extensive resource facilities not only attracts prospective students to attend your college/university but also enables you to offer use of this equipment to current pupils, staff, research groups, graduates and commercial organisations from industry.

By integrating our leading-edge technology graduates are able to gain the invaluable skills and knowledge to give them the competitive edge vital to succeed in the 21st century. Not only do these students act as a testament to your success but they are likely to become the innovators, pioneers and leaders of the future.

Our multi-sensor metrology solutions empower educational institutions and suit the needs of all industries in providing thorough measurement as efficiently as possible- giving your students the ability to learn for a wide range of industries.

Read our Educational Case Studies to see how our advanced metrology systems have improved education in the UK and Ireland.