Specialised machinery for a wide range of industries demands precision engineering in order to operate and perform with optimal results. Therefore engineering manufacturers strive for utmost precision in their work- making tooling accuracy a priority. Most importantly, engineering companies need to be able to demonstrate that their components adhere to strict, micron-tight tolerances through a verification process that can analyse the acquisition of component surface data down to the last micron. This verification process can only be carried out with world-leading measurement technology to enable engineering companies to guarantee their customers the highest standards of quality.

OGP UK’s industry-leading multi-sensor metrology equipment not only allows for thorough, fast and accurate measurement of your engineering parts but also helps you to analyse your existing processes, enabling you to identify any outstanding inclusions or flaws and gain insight as to how your production line is performing- can it be improved?

With our advanced multi-sensor measurement solutions you will boost measurement throughput, minimise lead times and gain a greater comprehensive appreciation of the quality of your own products.

OGP machine features offer optimum performance in a variety of facility environments, delivering consistently accurate and fast measurement data collection. And because multi-sensor technology is at the centre of our metrology solutions many of our machines are able to integrate a number of different sensors such as the Renishaw touch probe, laser, low forced feather probe or nanometre white light sensor to deliver maximum flexibility on selected single machines and can be further enhanced with the option of implementing rotary devices working singularly or in tandem to provide up to five axes of movement.

OGP UK also provides a wide variety of advanced system software that can offer you extremely powerful yet easy and intuitive use. With the ability to conduct fully automated measurement routines that can be programmed in minutes, while data outputs can be customised to meet personal reporting formats, or used by analysis packages to compute 3D surface profiles, part-to-CAD comparisons and SPC for reverse engineering, your engineering precision will be of the highest standards than ever before.

For a faster, more cost-effective and accurate alternative to the conventional, time-consuming method of traditional measurement methods – contact us, or read our Engineering Case Studies to discover how our advanced metrology machines improve production precision and performance for engineering companies across the UK and Ireland.