Medical devices are in many cases designed to be integrated into the human body, thus component accuracy is imperative. If component dimensions, for example a hip joint replacement, are inaccurate not only is money wasted during production of the part, and the patient’s condition prolonged, but also without the correct equipment to identify the production line problem then this error is likely to repeat itself in the future.

Due to the specialised nature in form and function of medical devices and their component parts, they can be extremely small- such as the parts that form a middle ear prostheses for ENT (ear, nose and throat) applications. Medical device parts are often made to extremely strict tolerances and so measurement systems that characterise these medical devices must be capable of high precision, often to the submicron level.

Orthopaedic implants are one of many medical devices controlled by multiple simultaneous profile tolerances because they are designed to mimic the human form. These prosthetics, which are organically curved in order to fit with both prosthetic and human body parts, can be for anything from a joint to a bone such as a tibia, femoral knee, ankle implants, hip ball joints, and machined plates and screws for repairing skull and bone fractures, to plastic parts used in delicate heart surgeries. Such devices require precision measurements to ensure accuracy. OGP UK solutions provide the tools to measure complex parts quickly and accurately, with systems and software that comply with FDA requirements.

OGP UK offers tailor made solutions for all industries by integrating a variety of multi-sensors that are able to measure even the smallest, most complex components, making OGP’s advanced metrology technology ideal for medical device manufacturing processes. Our machines are ideal for ensuring high standards of quality are met throughout your manufacturing process, enabling you to feel confident in your products with the knowledge that tight specifications are met.

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