OGP Spark MVP Range


Spark is a compact, high resolution video measurement system for manufacturing quality control. Spark excels at measuring fine features, and provides high accuracy part measurements using advanced optics and illumination.

Model Series

Spark MVP for Manufacturing Quality Control

The Spark MVP automatic, non-contact dimensional measurement system with powerful fixed-lens optics excels in the precise measurement of even the smallest parts.

Fine feature measurement has never been so simple- with interchangeable front objective lenses that allow easy adjustment of the magnification and field-of-view size.

Providing a constant working clearance, the Spark MVP’s optical system avoids offsets between the optical centreline and the optional TTL laser. Thus, reducing the need for stage movement and faster measurements overall.

Spark MVP systems have integrated full-function Measure-X software. With an extensive array of measurement tools, including video autofocus, motorised zoom, and high-level edge detection, Measure-X metrology software can measure fine part features with ease.


Model Series

OGP Spark MVP Range Product Specifications

– High resolution fixed lens optical system and digital megapixel metrology camera with 3:1 digital zoom

– Configurable objective lenses and backtube for 1.0X to 10X optical magnification range

-Optional through-the-lens (TTL) laser for depth and surface profile measurements

-Granite base and column for stability with precision CNC X,Y,Z stages

-Powered by Measure-X Metrology Software

-Manual Stage Drive System

-Illumination- All LED coaxial surface light, backlight and ring light

-Optional Vu-Light high intensity ring light.

-Optical touch probe and rotary axis

Model Series

Model Series

ModelX-Axis (mm)Y-Axis (mm)Z-Axis (mm)
Spark 15015075125
Spark 200200150150
Spark 250300150150
Spark 300300300150

Model Series


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Model Series

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