The ability to guarantee absolute accuracy in its manufactured parts could not be more important for a company like the Winbro Group.

Real-time Quality Control a 'Game-Changer' For Aerospace Component Specialist

See how Winbro achieved fewer rejects, minimal rework and faster product-to-market times.

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A world leader in the design and production of machines and technologies based on non-conventional processes, it operates in two of the most safety critical and highly regulated industries in modern-day engineering. 

The Leicestershire-based firm’s systems produce the miniature cooling holes and forms in components used in the most demanding part of aero and industrial gas turbines. 

These holes are critical in allowing internal airflow to prevent overheating during engine operation and, because effective cooling improves component efficiency, this leads to reduced fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions on today’s generation of lightweight, low-noise jet engines. 

With low-volume but high-value parts, when failure to meet the required standard means risking potentially significant costs, the stakes are high. 

However, thanks to a long-standing partnership with multi-sensor metrology expert OGP UK, Winbro has ensured it is always in a position to get the job done right first time for its customers.

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"Ultimately it's about the speed of inspection versus production. We get a much more quality inspection report real time, such that we are no more than one part away from an issue."

Andy Lawson
Winbro Group

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